KRS gives back!

As we gear up for this winter’s Karmic Run Cavaletti Clinic Series with Meghan, you may notice something a little different. Every clinic is now $41, instead of the usual $40. So what’s that extra $1 for? Well, not only will that extra $1 be put aside and donated to charity at the end of the winter, but Meghan will also be matching that donation $1 for $1!
We’re still deciding which charity to donate to, but we’re planning on involving our clinic participants in that decision. If there’s a charity that is near and dear to your heart, let us know!
So why are we doing this? Here’s what Meghan has to say about it, “I genuinely believe that we are all so fortunate to be able to ride horses every day. The fact that we have the means to participate in clinics and shows is just icing on the cake. I never want to forget just how blessed I am to be able to do what I love every day. This is just my little way of giving back to the universe as a thank you!”
Is there anything that you can do? Well, yes! Clinic organizer Margaret McKelvy of Mythic Landing Enterprises explains, “While it’s great that we will be able to make a monetary donation to charity at the end of the winter, what’s more important is that we’re starting a discussion. I believe that many people don’t know how to get involved in charity and giving back to their community. Here’s your answer. You can start with $1! Or a simple conversation with your neighbor. Giving back starts right there!”
This year’s Cavaletti Clinic dates are:
(Note that these are all Saturday’s, and each Sunday morning will be reserved for any overflow.)
Visit our calendar for more winter clinic activities as we are planning to stay busy this winter!