Dressage at Lexington 2021

Dressage at Lexington 2021 wrapped up so pretty it was like Christmas morning!!! Very rarely do you get to execute a Plan A but I have to say minus one baby horse, we literally did just that. We took 9 horses this year and despite the challenges of that number, we all worked as a team, while checking personal boxes! I am incredibly proud of the humans that make up #teamKRS… we really are a team!! 



Debbie: 2nd place  (2-1) 63.514%,  1st place  (Freestyle 1st) 68.867% 

Lynn: 5th place (2-1) 62.024%, 2nd place (Freestyle 2nd) 66.600%

Erin: 8th place (1-2) 63.143%, 2nd place (1-3) 71.389%

Krista: 4th place (Intermediate 1) 61.324 

Steve: 6th place (T-2) 68.103 

Meghan/Fokuss: 3rd place (Freestyle 4th) 68.600%

Meghan/Jasper: PSG 57.265% 


Debbie:  RESERVE CHAMPION (Freestyle 1st) 72.600%, 2nd place (2-1) 65.405% 

Lynn: 9th place (Freestyle 2nd) 66.300%, 2nd place (2-3) 65.811%

Erin: 4th place (1-3) 64.167%, 2nd place (1-2) 64.857%

Krista: 2nd place (Intermediate 1) 62.647% 

Steve: 7th place (T-2) 63.793%

Meghan/Fokuss: Freestyle 4th 61.167%

Meghan/Jasper: 6th place (Intermediate 1) 63.529% 


Debbie: 2nd place (2-1) 66.622%

Lynn: 3rd place (2-3) 59.167% 

Erin: 2nd place (1-3) 66.111%

Steve: 7th place (T-2) 63.448% 

Meghan/Falkor: 1st place (1-3) 67.361%

Meghan/Fokuss: 5th place (Freestyle 4th) 67.233% 

Lynn was RESERVE CHAMPION SHAC for 2nd Level 

Steve was 4th place SHAC for  Training Level 

I took a newbie to my crew who actually rode her horse at DAL and finally got Rebecca Palmer’s baby down centerline on Sunday for a fabulous score and a blue ribbon!!!!! 

We learned a ton, as always! This show NEVER disappoints! Thank you to every single human that made this amazing weekend happen! 

Special thanks to our team of amazing sponsors for keeping me and #TeamKRS in top form not only for this competition weekend, but throughout the year: 

HorseTech, Inc., Toklat Originals, Intrepid International, Bowman’s Feed & Pet, Champion Equestrian Wear, Irideon Riding Wear, Ride Times LLC, Purina Horse Feed, Horse Tack Company, Mythic Landing Enterprises, LLC , Myles Hopton, EqDt – Pegasus Equine Services, Excell Therapeutic Bodywork 

I genuinely thank you from the bottom of my heart, I couldn’t do this sport without the support!!!! 

Congratulations on a very successful weekend! On to the NEXT! 

1f389.png 1f37e.png

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