About Meghan 

A lifelong horsewoman, Karmic Run Stables is a dream come true for Meghan Truppner. Growing up in a horse-centered family meant that Meghan started riding as soon as she started walking, and spent much of her youth surrounded by horses. Early on, Meghan realized that dressage was her passion and her love of the sport led her to make her career in the horse industry.

Meghan grew up in Pony Club, but also had the opportunity to learn from the best in her early years from greats such as Col. Clarence Edwards, Alexa Schulten-Baumer (daughter of Dr. Uwe Schulten-Baumer), Uwe Steiner and Linda Zang. After a successful young rider career, Meghan had major back surgery that threatened to keep her out of the saddle permanently. Through hard work and determination, Meghan was able to defy the odds and return to the saddle with not only a greater appreciation for her life with horses, but also a better understanding of the biomechanics involved with riding.

Professionally, Meghan has done everything from teaching group lessons at large lesson stables to managing major boarding and training operations in and around the east coast. She found her home at Bill Boettner’s farm in 2013, and since then helped students achieve eight Bronze Medals, and currently has a few students aiming for their Silver Medal.

She thrives on the “why” of this sport—it’s not only important to her that you execute the movements well but more importantly that you understand why to ask for those movements and where the training scale lands in helping both horse and rider achieve the next level.

Meghan’s style is unique, as her background allowed for her to experience all types of horses and riders and she adapted her teaching style to fit a variety of riders. All riders and horses pose a different challenge to the traditional system and while she stays steadfast to the traditional systems she was brought up on, she brings a new solution to age old problems.

Meghan values training her own FEI horses not only to get better herself but to be constantly bringing back the newest information to her clients. The FEI dressage world is an ever changing business and Meghan stays abreast on everything current.

She is well versed in freestyle choreography, Pony Club ratings and preps, medals, young horse training, sales, pas de duex, and drill teams.  Rider biomechanics is her specialty, and her teaching style is geared towards riders finally understanding the language of the horse. Anyone can sit on a horse and make it do something, but Meghan teaches riders to actually speak the horse’s language so you can both dance as a team!

Judging locally allows her to have another perspective for her students. She can help riders clean up a test and tell them where to find points in the ring to help boost scores.

Karmic Run provides a regulation-sized dressage ring for all to use during the showing months (ring fee is required). It is important to Meghan that training continues to make sense to the dressage and eventing horses she sees, so she has created a place to enjoy practicing!


The horse is the best judge of a good rider, not the viewer. If the horse has a good opinion of the rider, they give to the ride. If not, they will resist.

~Nuno Oliveira



Meghan can be counted on, she cares, she knows, she learns, and she doesn’t give up. She has transformed our Jasper, who came to us as a cute overweight field pony into an FEI-level sport horse. Many have watched this journey over the years, as Meghan has shared her stories. Jasper is not an easy one to convince, and he picks his people. Meghan has patiently built his trust, his physical strength, and his knowledge. Each year, he is the best horse he can be, and he is happy. As an owner, I have confidence that my trainer has my horse’s best interest at heart, that she puts all she knows into his well-being, and that what she doesn’t know she will endeavor to learn. Her barn is orderly: always clean, well-managed, and organized. She is respectful with resources, and efficient with funds available. She has a competitive spirit, keeps a humble heart, and speaks her mind clearly. Her students are constantly challenged to do better, and are encouraged whether the day was an especially good one or an ordinary one. These are my reasons for joining, and staying, with the Karmic Run community.

Forrest Spencer

I have boarded at many barns and worked with many trainers, but Karmic Run is the first place I can call home. My horse has truly never been happier and neither have I. The boarders are an eclectic mix of amazing people that add to the family feeling you get when you walk in the door. Meghan provides the best care I have ever seen, knowing each and every horse inside and out. She is accommodating and helpful beyond belief, answering any possible question about the care of your horse with a smile on her face. Her training is remarkable as she gets to know the horse beyond what level of dressage they are at. She understands how they think and can explain to the rider their horse’s feelings and physicality with ease. Your goals are as important to her as they are to you. I can undoubtedly say that moving to KRS and working with Meghan is the best thing I have done for my horse and I.

Isabella Berrebi

When I think of Meghan many things come to mind, but one word stands out the most: joyous. It is clear to anyone that has ever been around Meghan that she loves her job. She radiates joy in her barn and her lessons alike. I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing Meghan for a year and a half and she welcomed me and my horse with open arms. Her training has catapulted us from where we were in the beginning and I am so grateful to her. Her care is incredible, much like her instruction, and my horse has never looked or felt so good. He is truly happy in her care and I trust her with him completely. Meghan has done so much for my horse and I, but on another note, there is something about the way that she runs her barn; the energy is just fantastic. When you step into Meghan’s barn, you are no longer just a horse and rider pair–you’re a part of a family. And that is something that does not happen at every barn.

Sarah Walton

As an adult amateur who primarily competes in eventing with my 15.3h Quarter Horse, dressage was always something to get through before we got to jump and I never expected to score well in the dressage phase of events. However, Meghan’s excellent and positive instruction has completely changed this attitude. I now truly enjoy the dressage, and her patient and knowledgeable instruction has taught me to appreciate how important correct dressage work is for all three phases of eventing. With Meghan’s help, not only have our dressage scores improved, but our jumping has improved as well. She has a fantastic ability to identify small issues or weaknesses in our training, and then use the appropriate exercise to solve those issues. Her lessons are always challenging and confidence-building, and I would absolutely recommend Meghan not only to anyone wanting to improve their dressage (especially eventers!), but also to anyone looking to advance their riding ability and overall training of their horse.

Christine Arthur

Training with Meghan over the past 2 years has been a rewarding experience. Meghan’s love and excellent care of the horses combined with her dedication to classical dressage training, with a focus on biomechanics, ensures the wellbeing of the horses and riders whom she trains. Meghan goes above and beyond in caring for the Karmic Run Stables facility, the horses, and her students. She works individually with each student so that they are able to achieve their specific goals, and is very supportive in their pursuit.

Whitney Johnson

Training with Meghan over the past 2 years has been a rewarding experience. Meghan is a truly outstanding trainer! My daughter’s riding just keeps getting better and better under Meghan’s instruction. She has a keen eye for detail that she passes on to her students. She constantly goes above and beyond for all her students and their horses!

Shannon Kerstetter

Meghan loves horses, not only her horses but all the horses in her care. I have two, one angel and one bad girl, and she has found a way to make a bad girl into an accepted relaxed and happy girl. Thank you Meghan for the individual and exceptional care.

Nancy Bowlus

Meghan is a uniquely gifted rider and trainer with a deep insight into the equine mind. She transformed my talented and opinionated mare into a rideable, fun, safe mount for me. I enjoy my lessons with Meghan immensely.

Beth Davis

I came to Meghan when I was hitting a roadblock with my young event horse and wanted a fresh pair of eyes on us. She was just what we needed to help me develop my horse from a youngster to an experienced competitor. As an event rider it is refreshing to find a dressage instructor willing and able to work with Thoroughbreds and their riders. Her enthusiasm for dressage makes it fun, and her commitment to her students is admirable.

Margaret McKelvy

Karmic Run Stables is the best boarding facility ever. It’s clean, friendly and well maintained, only because Meghan Truppner is the owner. I just can’t say enough awesome things about Meghan and you can best believe that your horse will be well cared for if you board at Karmic Run.  She is kind, honest, patient, and knows everything there is to know about horses and their care. She genuinely cares about the clients and their horses and wants what’s best for them. If you’re looking for an upscale barn with quality care this is the place for you.

Susan Moylan